28 Lessons so far

Here we are again, another birthday, another year, and another list of things I learned along the way. To say this year was challenging is an understatement. It started out In Vegas with my friends in my bachelorette / birthday trip, and it closed full circle in Greece with my now husband. During this year … Continue reading 28 Lessons so far

26 Lessons, 2 years 2 late

I can't believe I am just posting this so close to my 28th birthday. The worst part is that I had the file in my computer all ready to go I just didn't make the time. When I started the blog I started a tradition that on my birthday I shared the lessons I learned … Continue reading 26 Lessons, 2 years 2 late

Expectations come take a seat.

Welcome back, you never got away but boy is this your stellar return? You are in everyone’s mind, just as banana bread is in everyone’s belly.  Quarantine has got the best of us and the worst of us. It has seen us cry in pride watching people stick together, but it has also seen us … Continue reading Expectations come take a seat.

The journey of 42.195kms (actually 43.18)

Hello! Finally, the second part of my marathon post is here. If you haven´t read the first one here is the link. https://anapatips.com/2016/11/05/the-climb/ If you have I hope you enjoy! The title is actually true, I was too eager I guess I ran 1 km more! It´s my biggest achievement yet and although I was … Continue reading The journey of 42.195kms (actually 43.18)

Lessons from my father

Hello! This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day in Mexico, and I always upload a picture with my dad and write something nice in the caption. But this year I realized I have more things to say that what I am allowed to write. So it’s time to make a post. The father-daughter relationship is one … Continue reading Lessons from my father

Leave your worries behind

Hello! Today I want to talk about letting things flow and not worrying about everything you can´t control. I have been working on some things that I will write about next month, so this time it´s going to be short & powerful. You can follow the directions one by one, carefully and meticulously, and even … Continue reading Leave your worries behind

365 New Beginnings

Hello! 2016 is basically here and everyone is setting their resolutions and intentions for the next year. While I am about new beginnings, I don’t believe you should wait for this specific date to start. You can turn your life around at any moment. If you are ready to become your best self I have … Continue reading 365 New Beginnings

Christmas Spirit

Hello! The holidays are here! The streets are decorated, the trees sparkle with little lights, there are cookies everywhere and the stores look like madness as everyone is trying to buy last minute gifts. Whichever your beliefs might be, Christmas is a holiday that joins the family and the most delicious food under one roof. … Continue reading Christmas Spirit

Life is a big Race

Hello! Today I will talk about races in an inspirational way, because you can´t go running and not end up inspired! I’ve had a pretty good record of 10k races, they’re fun, and last enough kilometers to feel satisfied with your workout. All races are special in a way, but there are some that are … Continue reading Life is a big Race

Seconds of Inspiration

Hello! Today I just want to say this: Trust your journey. We want everything so fast we forget that things take time, and we should enjoy ourselves throughout the whole process. Yes, there will always be rough patches, but try to smile at whatever life throws at you, and remember to live in the present. … Continue reading Seconds of Inspiration