Anapatips: Velvet Dresses

Hello! December is here and so is the new Intrend Magazine. We close the year with tons of celebrations, and with this month’s article dressing will be a breeze. All you have to do is have fun! Here is the link, I hope you enjoy your holidays!   Anapatips: Velvet Dresses @anapatips.o The … Continue reading Anapatips: Velvet Dresses

Anapatips: Bomber Jackets

Hello everyone! November is here and so is the new Intrend Magazine article. It’s about the most versatile jacket of the season: the bomber jacket. Personally I love them, they are so practical and you can find one for every occasion and body type. I am sure that you will love it this season, and … Continue reading Anapatips: Bomber Jackets

Anapatips: “Cold Shoulder” Tops

Hello everyone! This month I want to talk about cold shoulder tops. It is the best way to adapt the hottest trend to the fall/ winter weather. I leave the magazine link below so you can read it all! As always, all feedback is always welcomed. I hope you enjoy!   Anapatips: “Cold Shoulders” … Continue reading Anapatips: “Cold Shoulder” Tops

Anapatips: “Off the Shoulder” Tops

Hello! I almost miss September by a second! But here is the InTrend article of the month. I am talking about the trend no one can deny, off the shoulder tops. You see everything from gowns to swimsuits and everything in between. Knowing which one fits you best will help you look great in every … Continue reading Anapatips: “Off the Shoulder” Tops

Anapatips: Off The Shoulder Dresses

Hello! Today I want to talk about off the shoulder dresses. Tomorrow I will be at the beach and I got inspired by the outfits I was packing. This silhouette is a great way to look put together and be on trend. For more outfits follow me my Instagram @anapatips.o I hope you enjoy your … Continue reading Anapatips: Off The Shoulder Dresses

Summer Dressing: High Waisted Shorts

Hello everyone! This week I wanted to post some shorts outfits, as you know (and can feel!) summer is here and it's time to take advantage of it! I love high waisted shorts, they highlight your waist and make your legs look mile long. Here is a compilation of some looks I hope you like, … Continue reading Summer Dressing: High Waisted Shorts

Anapatips: Black One-Piece

Hello! After a short break I am back with more material than ever. This week I will be talking about black one-piece swimsuits, they are timeless, elegant and they will look great on everyone. This is the June/July article of InTrend Magazine so be sure to check them out, I leave the link below. Any … Continue reading Anapatips: Black One-Piece

Anapatips: Scarves & Traveling

Hello! This is the March Issue of InTrend Magazine. Easter holiday is approaching, so this month it had to be about scarves. It doesn’t matter where you go, you always need one for the road. Be sure to read the magazine, the issue is filled with fashion, beauty tips and more, I leave the link … Continue reading Anapatips: Scarves & Traveling

Anapatips: Blazers for Interviews

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been really absent lately, but today I have a new InTrend article to share. As the year begins, many start looking for a new job, and there is no time like the present to go get the life you have been dreaming of. In your interview your loyal companion will … Continue reading Anapatips: Blazers for Interviews

Winter Dressing Part 3

Hello! Today will be the third and final post of Casual Winter Dressing. I still have plenty of outfit posts left, like: night outfits, wedding outfits and date outfits. All of these can be found on my Instagram @anapatips.o if you want to check it out! As I've said, I really love doing this and … Continue reading Winter Dressing Part 3

Anapatips: A-line Skirt

Hello! As I mentioned in an past post, I have a fashion column in Intrend Magazine. This is the October Article, which is dedicated to A line skirts. Every month I will post the link and the content on the blog so you get a chance to read it! I hope you enjoy it! reading Anapatips: A-line Skirt

Anapatips: The Best Jeans for your body

Hello! This week I am happy to talk a little about my fashion column in Intrend Magazine. In my blog I try to give advice about everything, from life to running to fashion, but somehow I wanted to do more. I created the instagram @anapatips.o, which is dedicated 100% to outfits, and I still wanted … Continue reading Anapatips: The Best Jeans for your body

Destination: Italy

Hello! Sorry I haven´t posted any outfits lately! I have been uploading them to @anapatips.o, which is my Instagram filled with outfit inspirations, but I promise to post them here as well. This one is part of the destination outfits, next stop: Italy. I went to study abroad to Milan and I fell in love, … Continue reading Destination: Italy

Destination: Greece

Hello! I am going to start doing some destination outfits just for fun, seeing as the vacations are in full swing, and they could give you some extra inspiration for vacations to come! This outfit is perfect to project curves. Girls with a waist will look amazing in it. Girls who have more athletic or … Continue reading Destination: Greece

Maxidress: Polished vs Casual

Hello! Don't worry a big post is coming this week! But for now an outfit post. As you can relate, I have everything and nothing at the same time, and sometimes I am in a hurry and need to get dressed, look good while also being comfortable, so hail to the maxi dress. Everyone will … Continue reading Maxidress: Polished vs Casual