28 Lessons so far

Here we are again, another birthday, another year, and another list of things I learned along the way. To say this year was challenging is an understatement. It started out In Vegas with my friends in my bachelorette / birthday trip, and it closed full circle in Greece with my now husband. During this year … Continue reading 28 Lessons so far

26 Lessons, 2 years 2 late

I can't believe I am just posting this so close to my 28th birthday. The worst part is that I had the file in my computer all ready to go I just didn't make the time. When I started the blog I started a tradition that on my birthday I shared the lessons I learned … Continue reading 26 Lessons, 2 years 2 late

Dear Future Bride: The Dress Hunt

Congratulations! Whether you have a ring on your finger or not, this is part one of several wedding anapatips to help you get ready to walk down the aisle. I am sharing tips and tricks that I learned along the way, and boy you will need them one day. Today we will talk about the … Continue reading Dear Future Bride: The Dress Hunt

Expectations come take a seat.

Welcome back, you never got away but boy is this your stellar return? You are in everyone’s mind, just as banana bread is in everyone’s belly.  Quarantine has got the best of us and the worst of us. It has seen us cry in pride watching people stick together, but it has also seen us … Continue reading Expectations come take a seat.

Anapatips: Coverups

Hello! July is in full force and the summer Intrend article has arrived! I hope you enjoy it! Here is the link so you can browse the whole magazine on your next trip to the beach! https://issuu.com/intrendmagazine/docs/in_trend_julio_agosto_2017 Anapatips: Coverups @anapatips.o anapatips.com Hello everyone! Summer is here and I know many of you will escape to … Continue reading Anapatips: Coverups

Anapatips: Floral Dresses

Hello! New month new Intrend Magazine article. The format has changed and the magazine will be available from now on every two months, so there is no way you can miss out on it, I hope you like it! http://www.intrendmagazine.com/edicion-impresa/   Anapatips: Floral Dresses @anapatips.o anapatips.com May, the month when the reunions multiply and the … Continue reading Anapatips: Floral Dresses

0% Wonder Woman 100% Super Woman

Hello! This post goes 1 day late from my mom´s b-day, but here it is. Living far from home makes you realize a thousand things about yourself and about the role of everyone in the family. This one is to all the great moms out there doing excellently in the most demanding 24/7 job there … Continue reading 0% Wonder Woman 100% Super Woman

Anapatips: Big Sleeve Tops

February is full of flare, chocolate and dates (boyfriend, friends...) and also a new InTrend article. This month I want to focus on an item you will love for any and every occasion you might have. Here is the link if you want to read it all!   https://issuu.com/intrendmagazine/docs/in_trend_magazine_feb_2017   I hope you enjoy it! … Continue reading Anapatips: Big Sleeve Tops

But first say thanks

Hello! The new year is here, the balloons, the fireworks, and the celebrations have arrived. Everyone is looking for the perfect resolutions to make 2017 the best one yet. While we often look forward to the next year with hope, dreams and faith in our potential and what we can do, we often forget one … Continue reading But first say thanks

Anapatips: Velvet Dresses

Hello! December is here and so is the new Intrend Magazine. We close the year with tons of celebrations, and with this month’s article dressing will be a breeze. All you have to do is have fun! Here is the link, I hope you enjoy your holidays! https://issuu.com/intrendmagazine/docs/in_trend_diciembre_2016   Anapatips: Velvet Dresses @anapatips.o anapatips.com The … Continue reading Anapatips: Velvet Dresses

The journey of 42.195kms (actually 43.18)

Hello! Finally, the second part of my marathon post is here. If you haven´t read the first one here is the link. https://anapatips.com/2016/11/05/the-climb/ If you have I hope you enjoy! The title is actually true, I was too eager I guess I ran 1 km more! It´s my biggest achievement yet and although I was … Continue reading The journey of 42.195kms (actually 43.18)

Anapatips: Bomber Jackets

Hello everyone! November is here and so is the new Intrend Magazine article. It’s about the most versatile jacket of the season: the bomber jacket. Personally I love them, they are so practical and you can find one for every occasion and body type. I am sure that you will love it this season, and … Continue reading Anapatips: Bomber Jackets

Anapatips: “Cold Shoulder” Tops

Hello everyone! This month I want to talk about cold shoulder tops. It is the best way to adapt the hottest trend to the fall/ winter weather. I leave the magazine link below so you can read it all! https://issuu.com/intrendmagazine/docs/in_trend_oct_2016 As always, all feedback is always welcomed. I hope you enjoy!   Anapatips: “Cold Shoulders” … Continue reading Anapatips: “Cold Shoulder” Tops

Anapatips: “Off the Shoulder” Tops

Hello! I almost miss September by a second! But here is the InTrend article of the month. I am talking about the trend no one can deny, off the shoulder tops. You see everything from gowns to swimsuits and everything in between. Knowing which one fits you best will help you look great in every … Continue reading Anapatips: “Off the Shoulder” Tops