23 and counting

Hello! This week I turned 23, so as a little celebration to myself I decided to write 23 things that I’ve learned so far. I could write a million (I could write all day), but I choose the ones that felt so true for this precise moment, and they all came pouring in. I’ve been … Continue reading 23 and counting

Letter full of love

Hello! No this is not a letter to my boyfriend (I already gave that one to him on Saturday for our anniversary; p). This is a letter full of love to someone really close to me who could really use a hug, she has been an incredible friend and has a very important role in … Continue reading Letter full of love

In the search of the feeling

Hello! Yes, I also thought that my after-half-marathon-post would come sooner, but at least it arrived. One thing I love about races is that it is never the same, nor is it ever consistent. This being my third you´d think it gets easier, and it does in some part and it´s harder on the other … Continue reading In the search of the feeling

The power of a smile

Hello! Today is a very sunny day and everyone is happy and smiling and jumping around (okey maybe not but I would like to think someone besides me jumped). But what happens when it isn't sunny? When it's cloudy and moody or when it's Wednesday morning and you’re tired or Friday afternoon and you still … Continue reading The power of a smile