Anapatips: Scarves & Traveling

Hello! This is the March Issue of InTrend Magazine. Easter holiday is approaching, so this month it had to be about scarves. It doesn’t matter where you go, you always need one for the road. Be sure to read the magazine, the issue is filled with fashion, beauty tips and more, I leave the link … Continue reading Anapatips: Scarves & Traveling

Why wait?

Hello! I know I haven’t been posting as much, I promise it’s for a good reason, and today I will make it up in this post. This week we had Feb 29, making this a leap year, and I saw how everywhere and everyone told you how important it was to do something different on … Continue reading Why wait?

Anapatips: Blazers for Interviews

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been really absent lately, but today I have a new InTrend article to share. As the year begins, many start looking for a new job, and there is no time like the present to go get the life you have been dreaming of. In your interview your loyal companion will … Continue reading Anapatips: Blazers for Interviews

Winter Dressing Part 3

Hello! Today will be the third and final post of Casual Winter Dressing. I still have plenty of outfit posts left, like: night outfits, wedding outfits and date outfits. All of these can be found on my Instagram @anapatips.o if you want to check it out! As I've said, I really love doing this and … Continue reading Winter Dressing Part 3

Leave your worries behind

Hello! Today I want to talk about letting things flow and not worrying about everything you can´t control. I have been working on some things that I will write about next month, so this time it´s going to be short & powerful. You can follow the directions one by one, carefully and meticulously, and even … Continue reading Leave your worries behind

365 New Beginnings

Hello! 2016 is basically here and everyone is setting their resolutions and intentions for the next year. While I am about new beginnings, I don’t believe you should wait for this specific date to start. You can turn your life around at any moment. If you are ready to become your best self I have … Continue reading 365 New Beginnings

Christmas Spirit

Hello! The holidays are here! The streets are decorated, the trees sparkle with little lights, there are cookies everywhere and the stores look like madness as everyone is trying to buy last minute gifts. Whichever your beliefs might be, Christmas is a holiday that joins the family and the most delicious food under one roof. … Continue reading Christmas Spirit

Road trip Enthusiast: Tips for Surviving the Highway

    Hello! This week I will talk about road trips. I absolutely love them, whether it´s a 30 min ride on the car or a 10 day journey in a campervan, I'm all in. They´re great fun and it´s a way to either catch up with friends or with books, all while enjoying the … Continue reading Road trip Enthusiast: Tips for Surviving the Highway

Smart Shopping: Don’t let the Holidays Win

Hello! This week I will talk about how to be a smart shopper. This is something I’ve been wanting to talk about, and Christmas is just around the corner so it´s now or never. This year I have been taking a different approach to shopping, and I am going to share my journey, my anapatips … Continue reading Smart Shopping: Don’t let the Holidays Win

Skip it! 7 valid reasons to ditch your workout

Hello! Today I will talk about those moments in which we SHOULD´NT exercise. I love to do my workouts but sometimes it´s better not to, because we might risk an injury. As I´ve said in other posts, sometimes you need to let your body rest, but it´s not that easy (at least not for exercise … Continue reading Skip it! 7 valid reasons to ditch your workout

When you really don’t have the time (Management 101)

Lately I’ve been running like mad (more than usually). I am busier than ever, with work, trips, life and training. I know exams are coming up and the holidays as well, so everyone’s agenda is full of stuff to do and not enough time to do it. Today I will write a short post on … Continue reading When you really don’t have the time (Management 101)

Anapatips: A-line Skirt

Hello! As I mentioned in an past post, I have a fashion column in Intrend Magazine. This is the October Article, which is dedicated to A line skirts. Every month I will post the link and the content on the blog so you get a chance to read it! I hope you enjoy it! reading Anapatips: A-line Skirt

Anapatips: The Best Jeans for your body

Hello! This week I am happy to talk a little about my fashion column in Intrend Magazine. In my blog I try to give advice about everything, from life to running to fashion, but somehow I wanted to do more. I created the instagram @anapatips.o, which is dedicated 100% to outfits, and I still wanted … Continue reading Anapatips: The Best Jeans for your body

Life is a big Race

Hello! Today I will talk about races in an inspirational way, because you can´t go running and not end up inspired! I’ve had a pretty good record of 10k races, they’re fun, and last enough kilometers to feel satisfied with your workout. All races are special in a way, but there are some that are … Continue reading Life is a big Race