Beach Wedding!

Hello! I know I was absent last week but it was one of those weeks where I had an event every day, but now I am back in business. Last weekend I had a Beach Wedding and there was a list of things I needed to bring in order to beat the heat and the … Continue reading Beach Wedding!

Destination: Italy

Hello! Sorry I haven´t posted any outfits lately! I have been uploading them to @anapatips.o, which is my Instagram filled with outfit inspirations, but I promise to post them here as well. This one is part of the destination outfits, next stop: Italy. I went to study abroad to Milan and I fell in love, … Continue reading Destination: Italy

15 Lessons our dogs teach us every day

Hello! Today I will talk about our furry friends. This week I always ended up talking about dogs. I went to dinner with some friends on Monday and what we all talked about was: what our dogs did, their age, and their personalities, as if they were our children. But first let me introduce you … Continue reading 15 Lessons our dogs teach us every day

Seconds of Inspiration

Hello! Today I just want to say this: Trust your journey. We want everything so fast we forget that things take time, and we should enjoy ourselves throughout the whole process. Yes, there will always be rough patches, but try to smile at whatever life throws at you, and remember to live in the present. … Continue reading Seconds of Inspiration

Destination: Greece

Hello! I am going to start doing some destination outfits just for fun, seeing as the vacations are in full swing, and they could give you some extra inspiration for vacations to come! This outfit is perfect to project curves. Girls with a waist will look amazing in it. Girls who have more athletic or … Continue reading Destination: Greece

Maxidress: Polished vs Casual

Hello! Don't worry a big post is coming this week! But for now an outfit post. As you can relate, I have everything and nothing at the same time, and sometimes I am in a hurry and need to get dressed, look good while also being comfortable, so hail to the maxi dress. Everyone will … Continue reading Maxidress: Polished vs Casual

Meeting The Inlaws

Hello! Today I’ll talk about what to wear when meeting the inlaws; you know you have to be charming, and polite and basically your best self-possible. But when that moment comes you also want to look nice and effortless, but even effortless takes effort so I’ve done a little list of things you should consider … Continue reading Meeting The Inlaws

In the search of the feeling

Hello! Yes, I also thought that my after-half-marathon-post would come sooner, but at least it arrived. One thing I love about races is that it is never the same, nor is it ever consistent. This being my third you´d think it gets easier, and it does in some part and it´s harder on the other … Continue reading In the search of the feeling